a starter to music

music is a form of art that is made with combined vocals and/or instruments. it is not wrong to listen to music, they have a big role in a part of our life and it is able enough for our soul to jam on. whether the music atmosphere is sad, happy, angry, or anything else.

in music, we have various types and ways to make one. we can make music in real life by playing an instrument, rapping with background songs, singing or even making beats using simple things that are around us. it is not that complicated to find music in our environment.

there are so many different genres of music, we can name some like; pop, rock, metal, rap, jazz, electronic dance music(EDM), folk, blues, etc. music genres can come from so many different singers and places. like how pop can be sung in korean or indonesian, how edm can be made using so many technologies like computers and launchpads, we can make music as random as we can as long as it sounds good.

songs are usually started with making lyrics that are inspired by real life situations, sayings and proverbs, or poems and poetry. then, we make make melodies and notations using the lyrics we made before. after that, we add up instruments in the background so it won’t be too simple. but if we put more things like vocal improvisation, it will absolutely sound way better than just lyrics and instruments.

there are so many famous people who make good songs that we can be inspired by. no matter how they’re very popular or even underrated, good music can come from anywhere and everywhere. here are some examples of artists in pictures who make excellent songs from different genres.

other than making songs, we can make song covers from an official artist’s song. a song cover is when we sing a song that is made from an official artist and upload it online. it is okay to sing a song and publish it on the internet as long as you give credit to the official artist who owns the song. it’s also good if you make a difference in their notations by improvising it.

but changing the whole lyrics in the song isn’t called a cover, it is called as a parody. parodies are usually made when a person wants to make the opposite side of the lyrics and its definition(like diss tracks). we also may change the lyrics of a song into another positive topic of something else but using the same music as the official one.

the conclusion so far is that music comes from anyone, anywhere, anytime. some songs can be able to make your mood break, while others can boost it up. in my complete certitude, everyone have different tastes of music. so don’t be scared or insecure to make your own song, because who knows somewhere, somehow there is going to be at least one person repeating on your music.

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